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Kyocera Develops Real Edge 600dpi Thermal Printhead for Card Printing

Release Time: 08/22/2016 08:56 View: 995

Kyocera Corporation announced the launch of a real edge 600-dot-per-inch (dpi) thermal printhead for desktop card printers used for rigid materials such as ID cards and credit cards. The KPE Series 600dpi printhead, available worldwide from this month, provides crisp, high resolution printing with delicate color expression.

KPE Series 600dpi Thermal Printhead

The new 600dpi model is fully compatible with the conventional 300dpi printhead design enabling an easy upgrade for existing printer designs.

Kyocera has mass-produced thermal printheads for card printers since 1993 enabling simple, fast and high-resolution printing of a wide range of cards including ID cards and credit cards. The company currently holds the world’s largest market share in printheads for desktop card printers.

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