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Thermal paper: why are my thermal receipts not printing clearly?

Release Time: 12/29/2011 08:01 View: 1,688

If you notice that your business's receipts are printing with missing characters, white lines, or that they appear faint, there could be an issue with your Point of Sale (POS) thermal printer or paper rolls. Let's take a look at the different scenarios and what you can do to help keep your images clear and your operations running smoothly.

Faded receipt

1. Low Quality Paper

Although it may not seem like it, it makes a difference where you get your Thermal Paper Rolls from. Low-quality thermal rolls, while they may cost less, will often have a poor coating on the paper surface, which can result in illegible and uneven printed text. It can also cause harm to your print head, which leads us to the second possibility.

2. Dirty Printhead

Burnt on paper particles, dirt, and other contaminants on your receipt printer's thermal print head will cause streaks and fading of receipts. We recommend using Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards with every roll change or at least once a month for better print quality and to remove any dirt, oils, adhesive residue and other buildup.

3. Bad Printhead

Most thermal receipt printers can last a long time, especially if you are cleaning them regularly. In fact, a case study performed by KICTeam determined that thermal printer print heads lasted almost 3 times longer when they were routinely cleaned. But unfortunately, thermal printers do have a lifespan and will eventually burn out and need to be replaced.

Thermal printers are a great option for businesses because they don’t require any ink or ribbons, saving you time and money. But it’s important to buy the right thermal paper and that you regularly clean your thermal printer to ensure your receipts print clearly. Luckily, POS Supply's Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls are top-quality, BPA-free, and available for fast and free shipping! We also carry Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards, Pens, and other Thermal Printer Cleaning Products to extend the lifespan of your printer.

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