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Classification of thermal print heads

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Thermal print heads are classified into three types based on the shape: flat type, edge type, and corner type.

Classification of thermal print heads

1. Flat Type

Flat type is the most common type of thermal printhead. Flat type is suitable for printing on soft media,such as thermal paper,label.

2. Real Edge Type

The heater line is formed on the real edge of the ceramic wafer. Real edge type is suitable for printing on hard media, such as plastic cards, which cannot be easily bent.

3. Corner Edge Type

Corner edge type is for high-speed printing such as ‘Datecode’ printing. The unique design allows for a flat pass of the media, with the glaze and heater elements formed on the corner edge with ceramic substrates. A very small volume of glaze for the corner edge type printhead achieves quick heat response.

Thermal print heads are roughly classified into thick-film and thin-film types based on the manufacturing method, materials, and structure.

1. Thick Film

Thick Film is formated by screen printing.(Conduction pattern creation via photo-etching)

2. Thin Film

Thin Film is formated by sputtering or metal deposition.(Conduction pattern creation via photo-etching)

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