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What is a thermal printer used for?

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Unlike inkjet or dot matrix printers, thermal printers use a heated printhead to produce text and image. This process creates images with high print quality that can withstand greater abuse. There are mainly two types of thermal printers, one is direct thermal printers, and the other is thermal transfer printers.

In general, thermal printers are mainly used to print labels, receipts, barcodes, etc., and are widely used in logistics, retail, healt, catering, and other industry.

This article will explain the application scenarios of thermal printers and shade some light on how to choose the right thermal printer.

Logistics industry

Printing shipping labels and parcel codes are the most demanding in the logistics industry. Printing fast and high-quality address labels can ensure the efficiency of parcel picking and packaging, which is necessary for the management of logistics stations and the orderly delivery of parcels. HPRT thermal printers support the major ERP printing software, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Retail industry

In the retail industry, thermal printing is in high demand. Not only the price tags, expiration date labels, and shopping receipts are printed by thermal printing technology, but also sale posters and gift cards. Thermal printing, with its clear printing quality and high speed, has become the most popular choice among printers. Especially during rush hours, a receipt printer that does not jam and automatically cuts is particularly essential.

Healthcare industry

In the healthcare industry, thermal printing is used in a wider range, applied in different departments. From medical consultation to drug identification, from specimen labeling to drug management and distribution, from material management to patient information management, thermal printing plays an indispensable role in the smooth operation of medical institutions.

Catering Industry

Menus, orders, fee receipts, queuing orders, and takeaway orders all need to be printed and given out immediately. Especially when the restaurant space is crowded, printing needs to be carried out in an environment with a lot of oily smoke, which puts forward the demand for waterproof and oily smoke prevention for thermal printers.

In addition to the situation listed above, the application of thermal printing is far more extensive than you might think. Understanding the application scenarios of thermal technology and choosing a printer that suits your needs will help you become more efficient in your future work and li

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