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About Us

    Shenzhen Hongfeng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional direct thermal and thermal transfer printing solution provider, dedicated to the development, production and sales of various thermal and thermal transfer printing units and terminals. We has a professional development team (including software engineers, hardware engineers, mechanical structural engineers...), and the developers have many years of experience in the design and development of the printing industry, we can provide personalized printing solutions for different industries and needs.

    We provides many printing solutions for customers in many industries, such as:

  • Financial industry - receipt printers and log printers used on self-service terminals such as ATMs and queuing machines;
  • Communication industry - call bill printers and receipt printers used on inquiry machines and self-service payment machines;
  • Medical industry - thermal printing module printing unit used on electrocardiograph;
  • Biomedical industry - plastic test tube printer;
  • Lottery industry - lottery printer;
  • Transportation industry - high-speed rail, bullet train ticket printer, satellite cloud image printing unit used on shipping ships;
  • Clothing industry - single tag printer;
  • Retail industry - barcode label printer;
  • Gift industry - ribbon printer;

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