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Thermal printhead and platen roller problems

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Thermal printhead and platen roller problems are the most common culprits with imaging concerns.

Thermal Printers: Printhead Problems and Solutions


There are three reasons why you are experiencing poor imaging in thermal printers. Let's start with the three easiest solutions for poor imaging in thermal printers.

Issue #1: Faint or Missing Image

The first and most common issue with poor imaging in thermal printers is faint or missing images. Typically, these issues are the result of a dirty printhead. There is constant contact with the media and/or ribbon. As a result, the printhead collects dust, ribbon particles and adhesive.

Solution: Use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and Cotton Swab for the Printhead

Getting the best imaging from your thermal printer requires a regular cleaning. Use a cotton swab soaked with 99% isopropyl alcohol or acetone. Proper maintenance will help prevent faint or missing images.

Issue #2: Printer Speed

A second poor imaging solution involves the correct printer speed. All printer manufacturers (available within specifications) show the maximum speed of each printer. Finally, only you can determine the correct speed for your specific label printing application.

Solution: Find the Best Printer Speed to Suit Your Company's Needs

Printer speed relates directly to imaging quality. Because each company's environment is different, you need to find the best speed for a quality image. Also, the type of media dictates the best speed.

Issue #3: Faint or Bloated Image

Faint or bloated image is the third common problem when it comes to poor imaging. This may be a result of an incorrect temperature setting on the printhead.

Solution: Adjust the "BURN" Temperature Within the Settings

A epending on the media and if you're using a thermal ribbon, increase or decrease the "BURN" temperature within the settings.

Thermal Printers: Platen Roller Condition

Platen Roller

As with the thermal printhead, the condition of the platen roller can cause imaging problems.

To begin with, "cheap" materials not only produce poor imaging, but may also reduce the life your thermal label printer. Additionally, poor imaging can be the result of improper storage. Finally, extreme heat and humidity (as well as the age of the material) can reduce the lifespan of labels and ribbon.

As a final comment, please note, most material manufacturers warrant their label material for one year under normal storage conditions.

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