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SATO acquires Magellan Technology

Release Time: 11/25/2013 18:05 View: 1,269

SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, announced today its acquisition of Magellan Technology Pty Ltd, NSW, Australia, a pioneer of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, well-recognized for its unique PJM (Phase Jitter Modulation) radio frequency data transmission technology. SATO and Magellan have reached the final agreement and SATO will complete the acquisition of Magellan’s healthcare business along with all intellectual properties by early December 2013.

“Over 80% of orthopedic implant kits in Australia today are tagged with Magellan’s PJM RFID Tags thereby improving the accuracy, reliability and speed of operations in hospitals and orthopedic implant manufacturers," said Tim Frost, Chairman of Magellan Technology. "A perfect marriage between our unique and robust PJM technology and SATO’s well-established global healthcare market coverage will now enable this new and advanced RFID labeling technology to reach the world quickly. Existing customers worldwide will especially enjoy the seamless business support they will now receive from SATO around the world.”

SATO has been providing a wide range of RFID solutions to the global market for over a decade and recently became a business partner of Magellan Technology and started providing PJM RFID solutions in Japan. “Magellan’s advanced RFID technology will put SATO in a totally unique position in the healthcare market," said Kaz Matsuyama, President & CEO of SATO Holdings. “In the healthcare sector, we will be the only company who has proprietary end-to-end RFID technologies incorporating RFID Chips and Tags, RFID Printers, and RFID Readers. A one-stop company offering efficient and accurate traceability solutions, much needed in the industry."

SATO Holdings Corporation has established SATO Vicinity Pty Ltd, a 100% subsidiary, in NSW, Australia, as its new entity for the business acquired from Magellan and is expected to start operation from mid-December 2013. "‘Vicinity’ specifically refers to near field contactless radio frequency communication technology including, but not limited to, PJM RFID," said Kaz Matsuyama. "‘Vicinity’ also represents SATO’s unchanging attitude - standing by the customer."

About Magellan Technology

Magellan Technology Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, is a technology developer, manufacturer and licensor of advanced read and write 13.56 MHz RFID systems. Magellan designs, builds and offers a comprehensive range of advanced RFID products based on Magellan’s unique Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) technology. PJM complies with the International Standard's Organisation and the International Electrotechnical Commission’s standard ISO/IEC 18000 Part 3 Mode 2. PJM products are optimized for very high speed identification and authentication applications where many hundreds of tagged article are stacked tightly together or need to be identified rapidly and 100% reliably in dynamic situations where tags are presented in high volume and in any orientation. Magellan develops, licenses and sells its PJM technology and business solutions worldwide.

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