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Fanfold label, sheeted label, and roll label

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Although labels themselves are relatively simple and uncomplex, an important distinction to make is that as a whole, labels are divided into three major groups: fanfold, sheeted, and rolls. Knowing that, though, you may ask what are the differences? Which one is best for your business? The blog post below will go over the best descriptions and common uses for each kind to make your label shopping decisions easier.


A kind of pressure sensitive label, fan-fold labels are carried on a perforated continuous backing sheet, folded over accordion-style along its perforations. Fan-folds are supplied commonly in dispensers so that a section of the backing sheet can be pulled from its container, torn along one of the perforations, and the label or labels of that section can be removed from the backing sheet and applied. Labels in the fan-fold style are most often used as handwritten or pre-printed labels such as address labels, shipping labels, and bar codes.

Fanfold Label


Another type of pressure sensitive label, sheet labels are carried on a backing sheet cut to a specifically indicated or standard size. Sheeted labels are usually sold in a set quantity – packs of labels are smaller and are usually available in quantities such as 5, 10, or 25, while boxes have a higher quantity and are commonly sold in reams of 500 sheets. Dimensions usually are printed as 8½" x 11" or 8½" x 14" sheets. These labels are manufactured as a continuous laminate of pressure sensitive material cut into single sheets. Sheet labels are most used often with everyday desktop laser and inkjet printers. Sheet label uses often include return addresses, shipping labels, product labels, and full color designs.

Sheeted Label


Categorized as a self-adhesive label, roll labels are perhaps one of the most used label products. Roll styled labels are carried on a continuous backing sheet that is wound around a typically 3" or 1" central cardboard "core". Although the core is usually cardboard, it can also be manufactured as a tube made of paper, plastic, or metal. Roll labels are either used for pre-printed labels (often supplied in a dispenser) or sold blank for use on printing presses. Most commonly used in thermal printers, roll labels can be printed using a variety of printing processes, providing the printing device or press is able to process rolls. Roll labels commonly are used because they allow a wider variety of shapes and sizes to be produced within the available dimensions of a particular laminate. Their more practical uses include bar codes, name tags, shipping labels, and black/white ink designs.

Roll Label

We hope this blog post well informed you of the different types of self-adhesive labels. For more information on world of toner and labels you can explore our blog, and for more specific questions or queries we encourage you to call our business at 800-587-1173 and we'll be glad to answer.

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