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Electrostatic problems of thermal transfer ribbon during printing

Release Time: 03/29/2012 09:16 View: 63

The generation and release of static electricity has always been a factor in the thermal transfer Ribbon printing, mainly caused by the thermal transfer Ribbon and the mechanical friction of the printer, including printheads, studies show that there is no direct between the static and printhead life contact. But some of the applied technology such as the Thermal Transfer Ribbon's backcoat and the electrostatic brush on the printer can be very effective in reducing static electricity.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Although there is an instrument that can measure the static electricity generated during printing, the simplest way to know if the amount of static electricity is small is to look at the quality of the printed graphics. If you are still troubled by static problems, high quality is not white and can be scanned by a scanner Quick reading is the best description.

If you care about the life of the printhead, it is a matter of fact that you should always be clean and use the correct tension and pressure.

When the print speed is accelerated, static electricity will affect the print quality, electrostatic adsorption of small particles will have a negative impact on print quality, then we must use high-speed Thermal Transfer Ribbon can solve a problem.

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