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Portable printer vs. desktop printer

Release Time: 05/03/2012 00:27 View: 82

Which is better portable printer or desktop printer, many people argue endlessly, today we will analyze it for you.

Portable printer vs. desktop printer

1. The volume of a portable printer compared to a desktop printer

Portable printers are compact and can be carried around without taking up too much area;

Desktop printers cannot be carried around, and need to be placed in a fixed local area, occupying a relatively large area.

2. The weight of portable printers compared to desktop printers

Portable printers are getting easier to weigh;

Desktop printers are heavier and can't be carried around.

3. Comparison of connection method between portable printer and desktop printer

Desktop printers are connected via wired connections.

4. Connected devices compared to portable printers and desktop printers

Since portable printers are mainly connected wirelessly, there are many devices that can be paired, such as PDAs, mobile phones, PADS, and computers.

Since most of the desktop computers are wired connection methods, the host computer that can cooperate is relatively single, generally a computer.

5. The support system for the comparison of portable printers and desktop printers

The device interface provided by the portable printer is more and more abundant, satisfying various systems, such as the mainstream Android, Wince, Mobile, IOS, Window series;

Desktop printers provide a driver interface, which is more done on a window.

6. Comparison of operating environment between portable printer and desktop printer

Portable printers work outdoors in many cases, so cold resistance will be considered in the early stage of product planning;

Desktop printers are more used indoors, so the problem of cold resistance is not considered at the time of planning;

Therefore, portable printers are more suitable for use in the northern winter.

7. Power supply for portable printers compared with desktop printers

Portable printers are battery-powered and do not require power cords;

Desktops require power cords. Therefore, portable does not need to consider the power supply problem, desktop needs to have a special power supply.

In fact, when it comes to this, I believe that everyone should know that whether it is a portable printer or a desktop printer, there is no difference between good and bad, mainly depending on how we use them well.

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