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Maintenance of thermal printheads

Release Time: 04/29/2011 07:17 View: 278

thermal print head

Most labelprinters do have the possibility to open the printhead easily.

Move away the labelmaterial and the thermal transferribbon and clean the printhead with the recommanded cleaning material. Don't forget also to clean the platenroller. Reload all the labelmaterial and thermaltransfer ribbon, and close the printhead. The labelprinter is ready for use again.


Be careful that you don't deface the head, and use only a special antistatic printhead wipe.

Clean and wipe also the platenroller.

Keep the printhead cleaning material on hand to perform regular printhead maintenance and ensure optimum printer performance.

Don't use sharp tools to scrape either the head or the platen roller. It can destroy the roller or printhead surface requiring it to be replaced.

How often should I clean my printhead?

The rule of thumb is to clean the printhead every time you change the ribbon on the printer, and with a direct thermal setup, every time you change a roll of labels.

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